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A Healthy Home

If we understand “how” a house works, we can then control the conditions that spawn poor air quality.

A healthy building is a building that is designed, constructed/renovated and maintained to reduce the accumulation of above normal chemical and biological off-gassing or particulates. It must be watertight, control air change per hour, and be well ventilated.

All elements of a building: the environment, the envelope, the mechanical systems and occupant activities, affect each other, and the end-result affects the performance of the house as a whole. Understanding these relationships is the secret to avoiding  indoor air quality problems.

Healthy home building and renovating requires making correct choices in building design, materials, ventilation and heating. A true healthy home design featuring low air change per hour, effective airflow, controlled ventilation, and proper resistance value possesses the necessary ingredients of an energy efficient home.

Air born contaminants are generally divided into chemical or biological contaminants. Chemical contaminants are usually the result of off-gassing from combustion appliances,  new building materials , soaps and fragrant products. Biological contaminants are most often associated with mold, animal dander, dust mites, and pollen. Moisture conditions are often linked to biological contamination.

Air Quality improvements must address both types of airborne contaminants.

Important concepts to always remember:
Keep it dry!
Keep it Clean!
Keep it Ventilated!
Keep it Healthy!


Meet our founder: Shawn Rankin

IAQ Qualifications

  • Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC)
  • Certified CMHC Indoor Air Quality Investigator
  • Certified mold, asbestos and radon investigator
  • Certified Asbestos Management Planner
  • Certified IICRC anti-microbial remediation technician
  • Certified IICRC water and fire restoration technician
  • Certified in Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (HRAI and HVAC) design and installation
  • Manages residential and commercial Designated Substance Surveys
  • Trained on Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS)

Home Building Qualifications

  • Recognized CMHC Healthy Home Builder )
  • Certified R2000 builder
  • Experience as a NACHI Home Inspector

Publications, Articles, Courses

  • “Safety Rules!” Woodworking Workshop Safety Program
    Dept. of Education, Govt. of Nunavut, 2013
  • “The Healthy Home” and “The Healthy Condo”
    Course Developer and Lecturer, The Healthy Home Academy and OREA Real Estate College
  • Ensure a Drier and Healthier Home
    Healthwise Ottawa, Spring 2008
  • Summertime and the Living Ain’t Easy
    Healthwise Ottawa, Summer 2008
  • Hibernating in a Healthy Home
    Healthwise Ottawa, Winter 2007/2008
  • Healthy Homes: Clearing the Air about Air Quality
    Healthwise Ottawa, Fall 2007
  • Home Air Inspection Leads to Winds of Change
    Montreal Gazette (CanWest Media), June 2006

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